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Good Morning Love: Quotes, Romantic Texts, Poems for Him and Her

A software developer who loves to design eCards and write poetry in her free time. It's wonderful to help others express their feelings.

Good Morning Love ~ eCards created by me

Good Morning Love ~ eCards created by me

Good Morning Messages for Her and for Him

Greetings and wishes are an important aspect of a romantic relationship in every phase. In the dating phase, there is nothing better than a beautiful good morning wish to woo your lady. Even in a stable relationship, greetings play an important role: they help create balance by providing thoughtful “I’m thinking of you” assurances and assuaging insecurities.

Many people, especially women, say that waking up in the morning to the feeling of being loved is simply amazing. What could be an easier way of making a morning love filled than sending a beautiful Good Morning message to your beloved?

The following is an assortment of original, romantic morning poems for her and for him. Some are intense morning messages, while others take a lighter note. There are also beautiful images and illustrations to inspire you.

Good morning messages for him and her can be used interchangeably in some cases, but be careful, don't try to send a fat-free tea to your lady! It might spoil the balance unless your partner has an extraordinarily brilliant sense of humor. Here is the order of the poems:

  • Rhyming Poems for Her
  • Good Morning, Beautiful
  • Rhyming Poems for Him
  • Teasing/Funny Wishes for Him
  • Intense Good Morning Wishes
  • Subtly Romantic Messages for Him

Rhyming Poems for Her

Good Morning Beautiful Dew Drop

Good Morning Beautiful Dew Drop

To My Divine Sunshine

At night, you feel like the most exclusive wine,
In the morning, you become soothing sunshine...
Soft glow of first rays making you look divine,
Every morning I simply feel up on the cloud nine,
Thanks to you & Good morning, O Love of mine.

Breakfast for my Love

For your morning breakfast, I’m sending your way,
A cup of warm wishes for a wonderful day,
I've sprinkled endearments upon your love-bread,
To keep you full of energy, to help you keep ahead,
With a helping of hugs to send all sadness away,
I wish you a good morning and an amazing today.

Realization of Insanity

When I woke up today, I realized I’ve been insane…
To not see your face the first thing in the morning!
I don’t want to take this good fortune for granted,
Your face is most beautiful bliss my life is adorning,
So I saw your picture, my heart gave me a warning,
It soon needs the original, wish you a Good Morning.

To My Fresh & Clear Dew Drop

Gone for a morning walk, I saw a beautiful dew drop.
Wasn’t tired, but still, my heart wanted me to stop,
To take a look at the freshness and clarity of the dew,
Maybe because it reminded me a little too much of you…
Good Morning, my love.

A Dreamy and Desirable Good Morning

You are a desire…
A desire that I want fulfilled, yet glowing and alight,
A desire that I want burning in my heart each night.
You are a dream…
A dream that entered my heart without any warning,
A dream that I want to wake up with each morning.

May you have a dreamy and desirable day...
Good Morning, Love.

Video eCard for your love

Surreal Dream of Dawn


Good Morning, Beautiful

Flowers in my Dream

In a surreal dream in the early dawn,
I was standing in a garden...
a garden full of beautiful flowers.
Every flower called to me,
Each one wanted to give a message...
A message to you, my Sweetheart.
They chose me to deliver the message,
Knowing I’ll deliver it surrounded by Love,
They all said the same thing, though…
Good morning, Beautiful

Reminded by Beautiful Things in the Morning

The morning is bright, sunny and beautiful. The birds seem to sing a melody, which sounds beautiful. The beautiful shades of blues in the sky, green in the grass and leaves… Everything reminded me of you. Good Morning, Beautiful.

Your Smiles…

Your beautiful smiles are the reason why I look forward to each day,
to make you smile again, to deserve your smiles again.
It’s amazing to be with you and witness your light.
I hope that today brings a lot of smiles.
Have a smiling Day…
Good Morning, Miss Beautiful Smile.

Dreaming of Being Together…

It’s dawn…
I’m planning to go back to bed again. Some people say that the dreams of the morning are more likely to come true. So, I’m sleeping and will be dreaming of being together with my love.
Have a Good Morning Sweetheart...


You must wonder why I send these Good Morning Messages every day…
Not just to make you feel good. I have an ulterior motive. I’m greedy for your thoughts…

Good Morning, Beautiful.


Did You Get Something Appropriate for Your Lady? How Would You Send It?

Rhyming Poems for Him

Thinking of you with Morning Coffee

As I drink in the rich fragrance of morning coffee,
I think of your side profile, crisp as a toffee.
As the sun's golden rays drown the world in their light,
I am drowning in thoughts of you, silly and bright.
A simple reminder of your warm embrace
Makes me stupid with joy, bringing smiles to my face,
I imagine your smouldering eyes once again,
And I'm helpless, a lost cause, can't focus my brain.
Feeling Lovesick :)

Good morning, hoping the love bug bites you as much as it bites me.

Your Messages on my Phone

I just got up and checked my phone,
You should’ve seen, how my eyes shone,
Your message thrilled me to the bone,
Making my morning a love-filled zone.
Each morning, it’s like I’ve been flown,
To my real heaven: your heart’s throne.

Thanks so much Honey. It’s amazing to wake up to your messages, to the feeling of being loved.

In a Love filled Zone made up of your Texts!


Teasing/Funny Wishes for Him

Fat-Free Tea

The other day, I was thinking about making your morning tea fat free. So here you go, add a teaspoon of love wrapped in this message, and two tablespoons of good wishes, and you don’t need any milk or sugar. Don’t cheat!
Wishing you a very good morning.

Rhyming, Funny Good Morning Wish

Start a wish in a romantic manner, and give it a comic twist. Check out this rhyming Good Morning Wish:

In the morning, I come close to you,
my eyes full of sparkles,
Your tone is husky and you badly need
some morning gargles!!

Subtly Romantic Wishes for Him

Good Morning, will you make my dream come true?

Good Morning, will you make my dream come true?

My Beautiful Dream

I had a beautiful dream just before I woke up, and the dream will come true if I see you today… Good Morning and hope to see you soon.

The Honey Bee

When I looked out of the balcony, I saw a bee, and your smiling face instantly entered my mind :) Good Morning, Honey.

Intense Good Morning Wishes


A full moon is required for brightest moonlight,
Sunrise and bright mornings for hope.
Your presence is required for my existence,
Without you, I don't even know how I'd cope.
Good morning to the center of my universe…

Thinking of your Embrace

When you’re with me,
Your hugs and kisses,
Brighten up my morning.
When you’re not with me,
The beautiful memories
We’ve created together
Are sort of make-do.
But nothing can compare
To the feeling of being in your arms.
Good Morning, Sweetheart

Found something for your man? How would you greet him?


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Questions & Answers

Question: Where can I find short messages of love that can be sent as texts? (for her)

Answer: Well, you can find many on this page. It's best to pick up some ideas, and then edit and customize to suit your partner and your unique relationship.

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