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Good Bye My Sweet Love

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These words are for you lovely lady

Good Bye My Love

She held his hand and said good bye,
As he took his last breath, she started to cry.

She couldn’t hold it back anymore,
Months of pain came all at once in a roar.

She hit the floor hard as she fell,
And the tears weren’t stopping, she was in hell.

Thoughts of pain, fear and worry followed,
And a dark emptiness leaving her hollow.

The months that followed were incredible hard,
Having to fight for life that had lost its magic and spark.

She carried on and on and on,
Waiting and waiting for that new dawn.

That morning came out of the blue,
She woke and instantly she knew.

That day was different, the light had returned,
And colours started to fill her whole world.

Hope came again to mend her broken heart,
So it began to heal to allow a fresh start.

She heard the birds outside chirping again,
And as she smiled she remembered her man.

Each day she felt better and stronger,
And the hollow feeling stayed no longer.

Memories of him were joyful once more,
Happiness and love had won against this war.

She had a long, long way to go yet,
But she knew now that SHE was finally back.

© 2022 Lubasana

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