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Goodbye Mr. President: Written in Rhyming Fashion

My name is Ruby. I write poetry, flash fiction and short stories. I am a dreamer who believes in equality for all mankind.


Has it really only been eight years?

The years flew by so quickly

A timespan of feeling proud, yet facing turmoil and fears

You've accomplished so much, while your hands were invisibly tied behind your back

You remained steadfast, poised

And never once lost track

Of the promises you made eight years ago

Healthcare for the poor, increased employment equality for the masses

You did all this without ever going low

The GOP said you were weak combatting terrorist attacks

While you were secretly working under the radar

Gathering critical facts

You were highly respected around this war-torn world

A class act, you and your family

Even though the spiteful innuendos swirled

First, you were not born in America, you were a Muslim and you were a racist

Then the good people

Called you an atheist

You managed a beautiful smile through it all

Your stature grew much taller

When foes predicted your fall

A President, a family man a bona fide statesman

I still want to rise

And yell, " Yes we can "

I was overjoyed when you said that you were not gonna disappear

I must admit

I shed a happy tear

We need your wisdom more than ever before, your courage and farseeing hope

As our homeland faces threats

And we Americans strive to hold on and cope

I watched you and Michelle dance and sing at the opening of the Black museum in DC

I found myself out of my chair singing and dancing along

As Gladys Knight sang " The Midnight Train To Georgia so beautifully

In closing, my mind is reminding me that America was blessed when you, a gifted Black man decided to run for the presidency and won

I'm sure in time, the historians will write multiple accolades about you and a job well done.

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