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Renaissance Man

The inner world is on fire Thoughts and feelings rage Against each other Yet within this storm Despite it And due to it Comes the calm

Renaissance Man

"Renaissance Man"

It is said,
"Die before you die"
so that you may live
this life, in it's entirety.

What does this mean?

Let go of all books,
knowledge, and your degree.
Set a fire to your inner library.

The Sufi sits on sheepskin,
signifying the annihilation,
death of the inner animal.

Don't rush to define yourself!
You spring from the Divine Ocean
You are the cosmic big bang!
Give yourself time.

Drunkards at the tavern
sing songs of aged wine
Let yourself age, then, in
the Divine cask of Time.

Then, even the angels
will sing heavenly hymns,
marching in unison, for you,
line after line.



© 2019 Mo Durrani