Golden Mouth

Updated on January 27, 2018

Legends spoke

Of a warrior so great

His presence gave hope

No one could escape

Everyone believed him

They followed what he said

And before they knew it

They lay face down, motionless, dead

How is it you ask

That a warrior so great

Can turn men against king

With no army, check mate

How is it possible

For people to believe his lies

Follow his orders

Self-invite suicide

Legends speak of a mortal

Of one with wise words

Who made his way through

Ears covered with dirt

He caused so much bloodshed

Funny, he himself never fought

All he did was talk

And hence the warrior with the golden mouth

Even now in the deepest pits of hell

His soul still lingers

As his men continue to chant

“All Hail Hitler”

© 2018 Vivek


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    • Vivek Natarajan profile image

      Vivek 6 weeks ago from Hyderabad

      Thank you so much :)

    • Coffeequeeen profile image

      Louise Powles 7 weeks ago from Norfolk, England

      Wonderful poem. I enjoyed reading that, thankyou. =)