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Golden Memories Still Shine

I'm a writer, a poet, a dreamer. Born and raised in New York City. I now live in Daytona Beach, Florida. .


Like a spool of film,
life goes rolling on,
doors open and close,
no one knows -
if they'll see each other again.
When the goodbyes are said
golden memories still shine.

Friends come and go,
it has always been so,
lovers come and go,
until true love,
finds you.
Through life together,
but someday parted,
the one flies away,
the other remains,
waiting to meet again -
golden memories still shine.

Memories fill the heart and soul,
memories that follow along,
throughout your life,
no matter what comes tomorrow,
after the tears and sorrow,
the sun comes through,
rainbows arch across the skies
and golden memories still shine.

Smiles come to mind,
of love's warmest moments,
of words said to one another,
the happiness once shared,
no matter how rough life's road becomes,
we might stumble and fall,
but true love never dies
and then we stand tall as -
golden memories come shining through.

© 2020 Gypsy Rose Lee

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