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Gold Digger - a Poem About Feeling Lost in a Relationship

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I am always fascinated on the power of lyricism and poetry. This poem is inspired by stories about experiences at Silliman Bea

Gold Digger - A poem about feeling lost in a Relationship

Gold Digger - A poem about feeling lost in a Relationship

The love letters I sent you
Where they of value?
Have you even read them
Even once
Just to give justice to my romance

Yeah, I get it now

The relationship was only one way
You never loved me
Your heart was never going my way
That’s why you were quick to say
Pack my bags
Take my car out of the driveway

I was not perfect
But I tried

I did not have the cash
But I gave all of me to you

The love game
You played
I tried to win
I tried to win your heart

I was honest
On top of being patient
I was caring
Together with being loving

But natural emotions
Is not your standard
Though we’re together
We quickly became distant
The warm hugs
Died down
You were cold in an instant

Your shallow reasons
I could not understand
I am not responsible enough
To be your man

Is that your valid reason
Of leaving me?

Oh wait,
I am the one packing bags
You’re absolutely acquitted on guilt

I do not have the gold
To lift you to the heavens
So there is no reason of keeping me?

And if that’s the case
Then let us go our separate ways
You can’t accept me as I am
Then there is no point in being your man
Thanks for the memories
They will be forever dear to me

I am leaving now
And I wish you can find your success
A man with Lamborghini’s and Jets

© 2020 Erl Sua

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