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“gods” Help the Faster Ones #3

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


After concluding that what he decides to do is the best for him, he will withdraw the money and would flee the island. But he knows that he cannot be carrying such huge money around, what other option can he do? He reasoned within

Himself, and he resolved that what he will do is getting hectares of land, on which he will fence as if he wants to start a company there. He makes arrangement with some people about how he can establish a pharmaceutical company what would it take to get it started among

Other things. After he has been given some details about how to go about it, he sends the photo of the building plan to some people and started a kangaroo project on the land he has purchased. After working on the site for days, he stopped the project given the workers

Excuse that those funding the project have not reached out to him. When those people have stopped working at the site, he went to the place and buried some of the money in selected portions of the land. He also moved to some other places where he has properties

And there he buried some of those money. After doing this, he fled the island. In the meanwhile he has told his trainees that they equally need to be proactive because if they do not do that, and they are apprehended they are on their own. His parents have asked him what

Happened to him and he has told them that the thieves have attacked him and all the money that his foreign partners have sent to him have been stolen it is by miracle that he has not been killed, that he wants to live the island because his foreign partners would not believe

What he says, he will go to other island and from there would start over and would be connecting the law enforcement agencies of the progress of their findings on the robbers. His parents prayed for him that all would be well. Some of his trainees who were not fast enough

Were apprehended by the law enforcement agencies and were sentenced accordingly. His bank account and name though flagged by the law enforcement agencies but nothing was found on him unlike his trainees that several dollars were found on them. The law


Enforcement agencies being led by some of his loyalists get to the site and carry out some investigations on the site, but they found nothing there and left the site. Other sites that was bought with pseudonym could not be investigated on. He lived outside the island for ten years

By the end of a decade when the leader who has been harassing them has left the office, he returned to the island and though were invited by the law enforcement agencies that he has been under their watch for long, but nothing substantial could be traced to him as he has used

The period of his self-exile to perfect some of the documents which he will present to the government and at the law court. After months of investigations, nothing could be traced to the young man and he was left by the law enforcement agencies, as he continues to live and

Spend the money he has dubiously gotten decades back. One of his trainees who was sentenced to fifteen years imprisonment with all his properties confiscated when he returns from the prison he met with him and they discussed at length, then he told his trainee that,

What happened to him happened because he was not fast enough, assuming he was fast enough he would have escape them as he did, because it is said that “gods help the faster ones”.