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“gods” Help the Faster Ones #2

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


He continued to maintain his “averageness” in the institution with his eyes focused on becoming rich at all cost. After he graduated from the institution, he thought it would be an easy ride into success as he has heard by his teachers and lecturers but things turn out

Otherwise for he couldn’t not secure job with his certificate. Having labored to study for years with not job this wearied him, and the thought of him becoming rich is eluding him then he thinks that he needs to do something about himself, else his vision of making it in this

World would be a mirage. When he was thinking about this, one of his friends introduced him to internet business telling him that it is a promising business all he needs is his brain he needs to be sharp and apply little intelligence, to the business he wants to introduce him to,

And if he can exhibit these, sky is the limit for him in the business. He asks his friend about the business and he told him that at midnight he will introduce him to the business. They met at a hotel in the center of the island and there his friend introduced him to the

Online business in which they will be interacting with the foreigners telling them about the business proposals that those people should send money to them and or told those people that they love them and would love to marry them. After those people have been subsumed

By their love and transferred money to them, they would delete their social media accounts and elope into the thin air, untraceable. At the initial he was afraid of this business but when he sees different youths who are doing the business, he cannot but join them in the

Business. Within a short frame of time he has overtaken many of the youths he has met in the business and has formed his own caucus with different youths being his servants and trainees. He has money and was able to penetrate many of the law enforcement agencies in


The island, thus, to get him apprehended becomes very hard, because those people would tip him off when the law enforcement agencies want to go out and arrest those people who are into such acts. He has been doing this for long, with this he has opened business outfits

For his spouse and regularly send money to his parents for their upkeep. His parents continue to thank God for blessing their children and have continued to pray that God continues to bless him, because he has been used of God to wipe away their tears. One sunny

Day, he receives a call on his special cell number, which he has given the top offices of the law enforcement agencies that he needs to act fast because the government of the island has passed a circular of scrutinizing different accounts of the people in banks, and anyone

With huge sum would be invited for questioning to tell them some few things about his business. They are working with some foreign experts he has said. after this call he receives another call from another top-ranking officer concerning the same issue, the person who has

Called now was at the venue of the meeting with the heads of the government. This is a serious issue, he has said to the person on phone and promises to put his house in order. On looking at the bank accounts that he has and the money in each account he knows there is no

Way he can clean his tracks other than doing something tragic, emptying his accounts in the banks. After he has thoroughly thought this over, he decides that what comes to his mind is the best thing that he can do to avert the looming disaster on his head as well as others involved in such online businesses.


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