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“gods” Help the Faster Ones #1

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Since his childhood days, when he was in the elementary school, he has been eyeing the children of the rich people in his school. There are couple of rich men children in his school during his elementary days when technology has not been advanced as this. Those rich men

Children usually have a way of discussing among themselves they will talk about the movies they watched over the night in their respective television very early after the drivers of their parents have dropped them in the school before the assembly period. And during the

Break periods, they used to gather at a place to continue their discussions on those movies watches, and some other things of interest like the new clothes their parents have bought for them, and other new things that their parents have brought into their houses. He used to envy

Their gathering and would feel sad that he could not be among the people to also discuss or tell them about what his parents have. at a time that he makes attempt at talking about some things in the midst of the children, his peers when they changed the discussion and raised

Several movie stars, talk about some new innovations, how their driver has behaved he felt lost because he had nothing to contribute and since then he has been envying those children and internally looking forward to when his parents would also be like the parents of those

Children very rich so that he will also be among them, discussing myriads of new innovations. However, as he continues to hope for this, yet it becomes obvious that such would not be possible. When he raised the issue with his father one night, that why can’t he

Buy a car, his father replied him that fingers are not equal, the rich people have stepped ahead of him, and he is not sure of when he can be at par with such people because he is a clerk at his place of work with lower salary. His mother he told him as he knows is a hawker


On the streets, all the money she is trading with is less than $10:00 (ten dollars), her mother is doing that so that she will not stay idly at home because idle hand is devil’s workshop he told him. All the gains his mother is making per month is not more than one

Dollar, that during the period that she has made remarkable sales, often times her gains are lesser than one dollar, he replied him. This is the reason we are trying our best to send you to school so that if you are educated you will live well like others in the society and be able to

Lift us up from the ignominy position that we are in, he conclusively said. though he did not understand many of the words he has stated but he could deduce from what his father has told him that, they cannot be rich like those people. Since this period, his mind has been

Thinking on what he can do to be rich in the world. when he graduated from the elementary school and was sent to the high school his mind has been grossly overtaken by the thought to become rich. When in the high school he used to tell all that cares to listen that

Either through normal means or abnormal means he will be one of the wealthy people in the island. One of his teachers on hearing this told him that to be rich involves dedication and if he can be dedicated and could face his academics it is certain that he shall be very rich as

He has desired to be rich. He is among the average students in the school and his final results was not bad with this result he could secure admission into institution of higher learning where he studied computer science, because now, technology is on the increase in the whole land, with their island not exempted in the development.


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