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Goodbye: May You be Happy With Your Choice


Goodbye: May You be Happy With Your Choice

This morning, I wrote a series of letters for you

Then I convey through the verses of poetry

Even though it's impossible for you to glance at it

Because I realized, I'm not your priority anymore

Now, news about me is no longer something you want to know

Even asking about it, you don't want to do it anymore

Yes, I realized ... I'm not the best

I know, I'm not the person you want

Actually, I've known that for a long time

However, I always say the opposite

'Cause I don't want no farewell

But it turns out I was wrong, because it only adds to my wound

You never really understand

Maybe we weren't meant to be together

Because if forced

There will only be wounds there

Maybe that day will be our last story

The story between you and me

As a form of farewell

A story that will always be remembered in my heart

Thank you for all your kindness

Also for a wonderful time with me

Now, my only hope is I hope you are happy with it

She, the woman your parents chose

If later we can meet again

I hope by then I'm fine

So, I won't cry in front of you

And ... so that I don't hurt her, the woman of your choice

Adiva Azzahra,

Gowa, April 6, 2021.

© 2021 Adiva Azzahra

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