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I love writing poems. It's my hobby and i believe in the saying, Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising everytime we fall.

Oh, what a wonderful day God has given to us.

We can see beautiful mountains, sea, trees and grass.

Let's be happy and forget the trials that already passed.

And be thankful for the gift of life and blessings he shower to us.

Learn to sing when you feel life seems so hard and quite.

Learn to dance when you're sad and your tears seems so wet.

Learn to pray when your world seems so lonely like you are walking in a dark forest.

Learn to be grateful when you wake up each day coz God prepared a good future for you, just wait.

God is good. He will always be there for you whatever hapen.

God is good. He comforts the broken hearted and never want to see them cry again.

God is good. He loves and forgives us even though we have lots of sin.

God is good. He will protect and guide you wherever you go. Just believe in him.

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