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God Is Really Creative Just Look at Me....

Am Naseem Rana. I am undergraduate student. I am creative writer. It is my hobby.


God is really creative Just look at me....

When I saw the morning sun rise,
How he overcomes the darkness.

I saw clouds and rain falling,
How it comes from the mountains to the rivers.

I saw the moon and the stars shining in the night,

How the night is cooler and calmer than the moonlight.

I saw birds flying to the heights of the heavens,
How they fill a long flight to the sky.
I saw colorful creatures swimming underwater,
How the fish go to the depths of the oceans.
I saw a little seedling,
How the seed buried in the soil becomes a stunted tree.
Saw a man born of a man made of clay,
How he becomes a conscious human being from a sperm.
Saw the moon, earth and sun revolving in an orbit.
How it all revolves around each other.
I saw people of different colors and races of the world.
How the colors of their eyes and bodies are different.

Then I saw myself,
I was made a complete and beautiful person.

It was all beautiful and amazing,
Because God is very beautiful and very creative.

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