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None To Perish! Poetry

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Creative Writing, Poetry, Rhymes, and Song Lyrics about God, Family, Heroes, Good vs Evil, and Safety from Predators, dedicated to my sons.

None To Perish!


None To Perish


None To Perish

The somber music

bellows, deeply,

through each internal,

and outer, hall;

Prayers melt into liquid gold,

as to our Savior,

do we pleadingly

and longingly call.

Yet, patient is He!

So patient is He,

giving time for all to self-reflect,

and wholeheartedly repent;

None to perish,

but all to live in Eternity with Him,

is His Holy, Loving,

and Purposeful Intent!

None To Perish


None To Perish!

No Greater Love

John 15:13

“Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.”

Jesus went above and beyond this, though; He not only lay down his life for his friends (being that of human form, and therefore experiencing all sensations of horrid pain that drenched his every unsheathed, raw nerve ending, and defied all human understanding), but he also took on this gruesome, ongoing torture for even those who were the same ones that subjected Him to these dark persecutions, cruelties, and blatant, undeserving hatred, that they might turn from their ways, and also be recipients of his Life-Giving Sacrifice.

Truly, there is no Greater Love.

None To Perish


None To Perish!


“Rescue Me, Father; I need you!

Please give me the strength to continue walking faithfully,

despite the painful arrows that the world plunges through me,

and my loved ones.

I am only flesh, and cannot bear much;

You, alone, know how easily I draw back, in fear.

Rescue me, Oh Father, and my loved ones,

and all of those who cry out!

Please, hurry, Father!”.


“Do not let your mind travel to dark places

that you are not, yet, meant to pass.

My timing for everything is always for your own

good; you must not force that which has not even

come to be, yet, if ever.

The things you fear most are those despairing

corners within your own mind.

Stay in the moment with Me.

Do not flee to

the future, or past.

Stay right here, with Me, my child.”

None To Perish!


I Can Only Imagine - Mercy Me

© 2018 BBYCGN

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