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God Missing You: A Poem

Halley is a man who loves to write poetry as an introduction to positive messages for his readers. as a form of social interaction.

God Missing You: A Poem

God Missing You: A Poem


We are all born of Uncertainty

The path of life leads slowly

A decree received from ignorance

It remains and must be lived with a question mark that cannot be answered perfectly.

All of them are related parts that are bound and can be broken by time.

Fixed and must be lived

Every human being knows where he stands when to stand still and walk away

It is and must be lived.

God is Missing You

Humans are humans who realize that they are just despicable and meaningless creatures

humans who are destined to be bearers of signs or give instructions to others

humans who remember a bad thing that has been inflicted as a way home

human beings who realize pride as a tool of self-destruction

human beings who continue to practice moving in rhythm with the pulse of reciting the holy Name with humility.

God is longing for you, all of you, no one except for the one who lives by fulfilling the calling according to the promise when you are turned on.

If you have seen the path of light, do not look back or feel tired and closed because it is a decision.

If you have something that can be a provision, don't spend it. keep walking even if you have to crawl with the power of the little stock you have until the last point. Because it's a decision.

If you have been called Miss Your Lord.

If you tremble because of a small whisper in the recesses of the heart

If you have to choose, don't be afraid to be chosen because God is Missing You.

Yesterday, today or tomorrow. Actually God and You are at the same distance.

Reachable distance

rarely seen

distance that can be traveled

The visible distance doesn't exist when you realize that God always misses you.

© 2021 Halley Kawistoro

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