God, Have Mercy on Gun-Lovers!: A Satirical Poem

Updated on April 23, 2019
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Val enjoys writing poetry by always leaving a message of a life truism in each piece.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Of all gods it was Ares, ancient Greek god of war

worshiped at times when arrogance was The Way

with animalistic passion that's not valued anymore

in the supposedly civilized times of this present day.

There is this God that we call ours

not the one condoning selfish goals

not the one blessing arrogant powers

but equally loving all of the human souls.

When Natives were slaughtered all over the globe

those brutal guns and swords seizing their land

it wasn't blessed by Man in Sandals and Robe

and no God was there to offer helping hand.

When slavery denied dignity to the black man

those guns and whips keeping him in place

that didn't make all-loving God man's fan

with nothing of it to resemble a grace.

Guns are truly shaming our human kind

and even more shaming our faith in God

keeping us at level of the primitive mind

making human progress look kind of odd.

We like to think of ourselves as "having guts"

but brains make us different from gutsy beast

this world is way too full of some arrogant nuts

without some cultivated faith -- to say the least.

We prove our human values with heart, not a gun

and yes, brains come handy in providing a proof

there has been more than enough killing done

without yet another arrogant gun-loving goof.

So, may God have mercy on any gun-lover

and give them forgiveness for every war

and for any excuse they use as cover

for it's merely arrogance at its core.

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    © 2019 Vladimir Karas


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      • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

        Vladimir Karas 

        4 weeks ago from Canada

        John -- I never owned a gun either, but, of course, during my military service as a drill sergeant I did quite a lot of shooting, during my own training, and then while training new recruits. And I mean rifle, machine gun, hand grenades...that crap. I even got a medal in all disciplines -- but always hated guns.

        There is relatively lot of homicides here in this big city, I wouldn't know about the rest of Canada -- but I am not familiar with the figures. From that little that I know, most of them are drug related, while it's pretty safe for us ordinary folks to walk outside at day or night. Of course, like in every city, it also depends on the area where you live.

        From time to time police announces it will forgive illegal gun possessions if such guns are handed in voluntarily -- so there is always a crazy looking collection. Here, guns are not for personal "protection", because, like I say, ordinary citizens are not feeling threatened so much. I would say, it's for the love of guns.

        Psychologically, I think insecure folks "think" it gives them some security -- which is totally crazy, because if anybody really wants to kill you, they will, and they are usually skilled and heartless enough to do it when you don't expect it at all.

        Well, it is a shame that humans in this 21st century still have not evolved and grown out of the need to have and use guns. But, we can't push consciousness evolution, and it's still going to be like this for quite a while. With governments being "parental figures", they don't serve as best example to their people by indulging in idiotic arm race.

        Thank you for your words of praise, my friend.

      • Jodah profile image

        John Hansen 

        4 weeks ago from Queensland Australia

        Va,l I live in a country that introduced strict gun laws in 1996 following a mass shooting at Port Arthur, Tasmania. Prior to that Australia was experiencing between 500 to 700 gun deaths per year. Since then we saw a gradual decline in the number until about 2004 after which it seemed to plateau. Since then there seems to be between 190 and 245 each year (including accidental).

        I have never owned a gun and the last time I used one I was about 16 years old, so that's over 45 years ago. I have also never been threatened by anyone with a gun in my life and apart from a few people who live on farms/property and have rifle licences, I don't know anyone that owns one.

        Truly, guns are something most Australians rarely even think about. I know it is a different story in other countries like America where it is seen as an entitlement and necessity to carry a gun for protection etc, and the size of the population and gun ownership alone may make recall very difficult.

        That doesn't mean future ownership can't be limited and licensing etc more strictly enforced. This is something Americans have to decide for themselves though. Good poem, important message.


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