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God Exists and We Can See Him

It was my continuous quest to understand the meaning of God, since my age of ten. I went through that search till today.

Very little is known about the universal truth

My frustration comes because very little common ground was identified and explored concerning God

My frustration comes because very little common ground was identified and explored concerning God

Very little is known about the existence of God around us

At my age of 10.

I was an obedient son.

I religiously used to recite hymns from the religious scriptures.

My mother always used to ask me,

Did you pray to God today?

Yes, I did mom.

Used to be my answer.

One day, while walking down the road from my school

A thought came to my mind.

Why my mother insists on me saying prayers every day?

What is the meaning of the prayers I recite?

Who is God?

Where is he?

This thought consistently bothered me.

I knew nothing about it.

The truth is.

My frustration comes.

From the sense that.

Very little is known.

About the existence of God around us.

The common ground was not yet identified and explored.

There must be some mystery behind it.

Otherwise, my mom would not have insisted on me in prayers.

For us three brothers, our mother has been the center of the family.

She was our highest ideal.

She is to us, the representative of God

God is the mother of the universe.

We now all say.

The first manifestation of God is the hand that rocks the cradle.

My father was considered generous.

He had a liberal and progressive outlook in social and religious matters.

He influenced my thinking by his rational mind.

My mother nurtured us by her religious attitude.

Since my childhood, I have had an inclination towards spirituality.

A tendency towards God-realization.

It is said that…

Unless there is an intense quest to know and understand the existence of God.

We can’t seek the truth.

I tried to find my answers through books and religious discussions.

To find the conviction about the existence of God.

Somehow, they did not appease my rational outlook.

Until my age of sixteen.

I did not receive any satisfactory answer to my questions.

What is the meaning of liberating our soul from our body?

Why one should try for it?

But, at the same time

It is said that the key to our liberation is in the hands of God.

This lock will open only when our purpose of coming into this world is achieved.

When my parents realized that I’m wondering.

And asking people about the truth behind the existence of God.

The following Sunday, they arranged my meeting with a saint from the nearby village.

In that village…

Many people were waiting outside one hut.

It was surrounded by large trees.

I entered the room as gestures by the man standing at the main door.

The room was filled with a pleasant fragrance of incense.

The saint with a pious-looking face, shaven head, wearing an orange robe…

Was seated with folded legs.

His eyes were closed.

He was sitting in a meditating composure

I entered the room.

He gave a casual smile.

“Sit in front of me, my son.”

He was cool to pronounce.

You are lucky to have such wonderful parents.

Your thoughts and inclination towards God have inspired me.

He said.

You must keep one thing in the back of your mind.

That God is everywhere.

He is all around us.

Constantly reaching out to us.

Even in the most unlikely situations.

“Master,” I questioned.

“What is the meaning of God?”

He smiled and said.

“God is a spirit.

He is invisible, untouchable.

But when we are alert.

We can sense his effect on us.

He is everywhere.”

“If he is everywhere, why can’t I see him now?”

I asked.

You can see him right now.

The only thing is.

You do not know about it.

He was explaining.

It is possible for one to see and talk to Him.

But there are hardly a few, who showed keen interest in seeing Him.

I could sense the ringing of truth in the master's words.

Remember Shyam.

He said.

Service to man is the most effective worship of God.

This is explained in all religions.

Have equal respect for all religions.

Do not believe in myths and superstitions.

He tried to combine all the religions…

Just as beads are combined into a single rosary.

Thereafter, I thought for several years.

Trying to understand what the master said.

We should constantly follow what we always perceive and believe.

We must always seek a chance to experience all the events, and eventually, learned how to perceive them.

In the prevailing situations.

W face abundant problems and challenges from every social class, background, and location.

Each day, we confront issues related to safety, security, financial constraints, food adulterations, mortality, and health.

We have to encounter these frequent challenges.

Hence, we are compelled to think.

What life is about?

What is the true purpose of our living?

Religion stands as a universal device.

We fail to understand and realize through the discussions.

Debates related to this observable physical world

Are of no consequence.

Is this whole world, a form of an Illusion?

I want to continue asking.

To read my testimony.

I positive feelings and gestures may categorically touch you in a positive way.

Granted, it is a little time-consuming.

But later, you might feel glad you did.

We wonder that we all are influenced.

Entranced by the delicate effulgence.

By the brilliant radiance of all the objects that shine and glorify our senses.

Every visual perception of any substance.

Enthralls our senses.

We get fascinated by its sheer force of attraction.

Being careless of the truth and actuality.

We wander around like vagabonds.

In search of worldly gains and pleasures.

In this dream world.

Our mind misinterprets the entire world.

What we see with our eyes open.

We presume it as reality.

When the supreme truth shines and the awareness takes its course.

There will be no bondage of any sort.

All the questions of liberation will not exist.

Due to our split intelligence.

We observe constant changes around us.

Fix your entire thoughts and attention.

The thoughts of our master will completely influence you.

They will appeal, fascinate and charm you.

The intensity, its brightness has already mesmerized me.

The entire humankind for several millions of years.

Still, like the enormous audience.

We are completely spellbound and enthralled.

By the sheer force of worldly presence.

We all human beings are mesmerized.

In reality, know this for sure.

This world we see is a mirage

It does not even exist in reality.

We are mesmerized by its spell and delusion.

Besides this awareness glow.

Nothing really exists.

This whole world is ASAT.

Means delusion.

One who has transcended the real understanding of the universe

Acknowledged the supreme spiritual truth.

He has achieved the real goal of life.

By abolishing Ahankar (egoism).

He will be free of all desires.

The best ways to predict and shape our future.

Is to invent our own methods and strategies by various means.

When we have an intense urge.

When we carry the burning desire.

To seek God.

He will be there.

Right in front of us.

We will feel and sense his presence.

When we develop the rhythm.

Sharp transient waves of his vibrations.

His ever-present power will sustain and govern all things.

I have experienced it.

You too can.

© 2021 Shyam Gokarn

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