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God Chose Me

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Yenaros' mix of lyricism, detail, and style is a dangerous poetic force to be reckoned with.

Poetry by Yenaros

Poetry by Yenaros

God Chose Me

God gave His one and only son

For me.

Why me?

What did I do to deserve the love

From Thee?

I’m forever grateful.

Humbled to be able to

Call myself a child of God.

It’s no fable.

The world likes to label

People like me

As delusional,

Praying to “imaginary beings”,

While God prepares a table

For me in the presence of my enemies,

Who have no cable.

It’s a blackout.

They struggled through the darkness of life and

Tapped out.

I was once with the ones who said

“You only live once”.

I had to back out.

God chose me.

That’s why I kneel

In praise of His Holy Name.

He’s the one who heals us

And seals

The fate of the evil one.

He let Jesus take the wheel over

Our lives.

His love is so real.

© 2019 Yenaros