Go Where the Wild Wind Blows

Updated on March 16, 2018

Go Where the Wild Winds Blow

By Dionne Hanson

The young man dreams of his first time

He wants it to be lofty

Unrivaled in the path of things sublime

He hasn’t found his obsession

Many tries, but still frustration

He makes it his vocation

To find love

He prays to the Gods

Known for their sexual benevolence

They converse about his imminent evanescence

They reveal it to him in secret and strength

‘Your sexuality is part of your greatest wealth

If you lose it by a tragic stealth

You really lose your mental health

It’s worth the wait, taking the path of solitude

It’s all about changing your attitude

Take the time to get creative

Have the freedom to be that decisive

The wild winds will blow your love to you

This is how the Gods know who is who

You’ll find it true

In most things you do

The wild winds will to blow your love to you’

Let’s discuss!

Sex is wonderful and wild! Magnificent and mild. So many people spend their teen and young adult years washing their erotic creativity down the drain. Then they secretly feel guilty, empty, and regretful about their sexuality. Here’s a new way of thinking: Grow wild! Let your sexuality take a unique and inimitable path. Meditate! You’ll charm the most radically desirable experience into your life. Self-pleasure! Instead of looking for cheap thrills to validate your adulthood, take the elusive route of solitude and strength; the spiritual mastery of being tough enough to wait and prepare for the one you know is true love. Your heart will whisper to you when that one is yours! And with the Gods inspiring you, it will be so worth the wait.

The central message is this: don’t follow the unhappy crowd that tries to tell you that you have to be half-heartedly humping to be happy. Sex is so much more sacred than that. Wait for the wild wind to bring your true love to you. Not just a love; your love!

What about those of us who have already taken the plunge; had the beautiful experiences and perhaps some really messed up ones and now find ourselves alone and desiring the beauty of the highest sexual paths. Cleanse! Meditation can help you to empty your soul of all the toxicity that remains from ineffective relationships. Forgive yourself and receive forgiveness for all the things that make you feel guilty or ashamed and be renewed in the knowledge that you are stronger, more beautiful, and better because you are the person your past has made you. Then be creative with your future. The wild winds can blow true love to you too, if only you open yourself to the infinite possibilities of life. I personally recommend that you ask the Gods for their sexual benevolence on your new creative path. Use that release of creativity to prepare to be the kind of lover you dream of being. This is a wise and magical path to true happiness in your sex life. Bisous.

© 2018 Dionne Hanson


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