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Glory of His Mission

Chrish is a poetry writer who loves to paint, nature and dog lover, who write for herself and happy to share it with you.


In a thick and gray mist

We stood still as though

the mysterious were familiar

hearts as calmly as the sea

pacing unhurriedly as the silent moon

Undisturbed ears were deeply listening

As if someone was about to speak

Souls fell in silent and still

The wind start whispering it wasn't death

neither darkness nor mourning sadness

it was a rhythm of hope.

A voice from not afar, almost heard within

it was so close, its humane, loving, and benign voice

You could tell it was inside you

it was faith kindled in the soul


The glory of your saviour

it was as if an eyes of faith looking constantly

to him, what a precious unforgettable


Christ is the saviour of all

how God loved the world so much

that he giveth thee

his only begotten Son

for the worlds afresh

And fill the souls who are

thirsts for light

I now live in the flesh,

the faith of the Son of God

In me, whom dearly loved me

whom wholeheartedly gave himself

for me, after all the thirsting for

selfish desires

his holy presence into men's soul as

a comforter

His grace takes the place of hatred

words from his heart into thy souls

molds a millions of thoughts

which begin to develop a character.

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