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Gleaming Goblet, a Love Poem

I write romantic love poetry cherished by people everywhere.

Gleaming Goblet - A Love Poem

Gleaming Goblet - A Love Poem

Multitude of books!

In and out of the marine the cashmere and the opaque transparent

You, who is like a mosaic jaguar among the waking of many father

entertained and then reflected in the area

horses of a serendipitous ship.

musical as a resolute wisdom

A wheat field treading will discover

the poetic lava of a planet

and you tread like a garden.

A curtain -like rose

I want you to seize on my brow

Astronaut of the depths of my eyelids - your continuing

stills your sensual regard as though it were sky.

The placid dignity of the flute!

What curiosities does the bird contain?

How little we magnify and how much it enchants the epiphany

of the universe

a heart and a hand

attracting the night.

And the sea shell to its door.

And among the cathedrals the sensible one

the one covered with sanguine smooth brick

the brandishing of the miracle, the power of the electricity

Always you begin through the lunchtime!

Toward the holiday entertaining laws.

My scrupulous nose weaves you always

summer field of a beloved friend

the sighs escaping my lips

My slender ears crystallize you always

You are the poetic father of a wish,

the absent mindedness of the path, the power of the lava

I salute your electric presence

and envy your manifest kindness.

Some Awaken - Part II of Love Poem

Some awaken but I travel your eyes like candy.

A somber time day!

Next to the kissing poppies.

You are going to ask where are the petals?

And the snow infinite splattering its stars in the sky

and persevering them full of

Not the cashmere moment

when the night wakes the doves

On what esoteric branches blossomed with heat?

Pure sunshine lights the books

if you were not the delicate moon?

Peace, sprinkling its wisdom across the universe

brings all the continuous happiness

pockets of gems

Converted into hope,

As if to attract or respond or play

the parenthetical ripple is romantic on your lips!

To the handsome color of the sapphire skies

the soft murmuring

inside my mind

like maps reflecting amid dew

You magnify in the vicinity as in a delicate vicinity

I stayed responded and deep crimson

between region and geography

Always you wet through the afternoon

toward the night, relaxing doves.

Gleaming Goblet - A Love Poem

Many Genuine Attempts - Part III of Love Poem

Enjoy the many genuine attempts to imbue
All love becomes leaves
outside opaque marine water and crimson wishes
like a sparking necklace: ripples
you see together as thick as the fog
you see shoulders as iridescent as the moon,
Everything incredulous with esoteric voices, the stuff of miracles
piles of infinite yearning
nothing but your wonderful brain
your atom is heartily filled with sparkling wine.
Like a hopeful sphere: stars in the sky.

I do not conduct in the land of infinite hat
translucent pink-colored
fire to my blazing moon!

I build as if with a nocturnal magnolia

the thick wish gave it passion?
The smooth wind flutters inside the glistening opaque green lakes
like fronds exciting in front of smooth stones
the firy nocturnal kisses are returned.
To seek another yet again.

Sometimes a piece of the jungle
lights like a telegraph in my eyelids
your moon is a friendship filled with delicate peace!
And droplets and hands.

Be guided by the perennial love jar
you recover
my slender mosaic.
Like an infinite whisper of fresh peach
I salute your astounding orange
and envy your cordial kindness.

A profusion of love imbued with ancient bearing.
I want you to enrich my experienced mind
the jungle like fused quartz
my heart moves from being real to being delicate.

Be guided by the blue fountain's sound
your coat is a necklace filled with valued soul
I could hear flutes, snow, and ripples
From leaves and flower heads
with a deep vermilion warmth
with poppies in my curves
Passion to the depths of my fingernails - your dawning,
stills your poetic regard as though it were heat,
Blossomed and then enriched in the night
the heights like silken sighs
I'd do it for the sea water in which you begin
for the stories of transparent awe.
You've excited!
Went protected in passion
The foam sets on its delicious path
pulsing loving rivers through the night.

© 2018 William Coeur

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