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Giving Our Body Some Extra Sleep

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Put To Rest

Relaxing the body before it is needed

What an odd thought

Going to bed when we are not tired

I tried it as an experiment

Closing my eyes when they wanted to open

Letting my thoughts appear only to disappear

The challenge of all things we know and don't know

I practiced my breathing

I tried to imagine every one of my body parts

Working effortlessly accomplishing all the jobs they are designed to do

After two hours my body eagerly climbed out of bed

All my benefits might not be shown

No signs of stress or tense muscles

A feeling of pleasing myself with no effort

Waking up to the world around me

As if I have just dived into a pool of water

Now I can feel all my senses react

My hearing which was put on pause

Which would of jumped into action

If an alarm was sounded

The beauty of sight

Used every day but never praised

Each foot landing on the floor

My stomach now hungry

My mouth ready to taste each food

To add to my good health

The way my brain cooperates with my body

How they magnificently work as a duet

Each waiting for the proper time to play it's roll

On Q and performing perfectly

Blessed by life

Giving a new meaning

To Thanks-for-giving-me-this-day

Wishing everyone I know and haven't even met yet

A wonderful, healthy and happy Thanksgiving Day

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