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Give me a Hammer

Dean Traylor is a freelance writer and teacher who writes about various subjects, including education and creative writing.


I need a hammer

Place it in my hand

So I can grip it tight

And feel its weight.


Give me that hammer

For I yearn to bring it down

With all my strength.

Thus, feel its power

As it drives a nail down

Between two beams,

Its strength with mine.


Oh, how I yearn for it.

Oh, how I feel for it.

Oh, how I want

The pride of knowing

I’m working again.


Slip that check to me

At the end of the day

(the one I earned with sweat and toil)

Let me feel its sharp edge

Let me see those blessed numbers!

Let me take my trip to the bank

As I feel the pride of knowing

I’m working again.


That hammer, you see,

Is not just pounding nails

It’s a feel

It’s a need

To be able to travel a path to recovery

And return hope for my future

And to my family


It’s not much I ask

It’s not the dream of dreams

But it’s a break I need

An opportunity, indeed,

To feel wanted

To feel important

To feel like

I have a purpose

That only that hammer can bring

So give me that hammer

So I can use it one more time

To bring back that pride of knowing

I’m working again.


© 2019 Dean Traylor

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