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Give Wings To Your Child

I am an Eye Consultant. I have gone through lots of ups and downs in my life; but I have always come out as a winner because I am courageous

Mother and child


Give Wings To Your Child

Be it a beginning in your adult life

Unfold your wings and fly high,

Rise above your bygone days of strife

And make your mark on the lofty sky.

Unlock all of your potential

There are new horizons to be discovered,

Perseverance in your project is essential

From past scars you have now recovered.

Dream high and make daily progress

Towards your choicest lofty goal,

Remove all obstacles and past misgivings,

They will all disappear before your lion’s roar.

Live an extraordinary life

New ideas you do unfold,

In this rapidly changing world

Explore new horizons, so far untold.

Risk - taking for success is necessary

Keep running on the path to success,

To riches your perseverance will introduce you

Successful people do not quit before success.

© 2022 Dr Kulsum Mehmood