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Give Me a Chance to Change

I wandered all around the perimeter
Not knowing I was so close to home
Unmarked, like a worn tombstone
Like a great river, it parallels my roam

There’s no greater symbol of freedom
Than losing someone of consequence
That’s how you find out what you want
Is it love or with your hearts silence?

I like to watch the sun go down
Sometimes it’s like ashes to urn
Who’s side is God on anyway?
Anyone who waits for it’s return

It’s good to be with a changed man
Forget what he was like before
He may not reveal anything new
But the way he says it you can’t ignore

You can listen to someone for years
But you have to trust your instincts
Maybe they were listening to you
Their past is not how you will think

I can’t say I was disconnected
How could I be if I cry for no reason
Except that’s not true, I know why
Are the right things what I’ve done?

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