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Give Me That Lovely Breeze

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The Wonderful Fresh Air

All our windows open wide

The curtains blowing back and forth

The cool feeling rushes through my body

All my senses slightly tickled lightly

Enjoying the rthym

Full of energy

Being aware of my surroundings

Listening to the soft hushing sounds

Thinking more freely

Open to more choices and suggestions

Feeling the joy of well being

Improving on my creativity

Welcoming exercise as a chance to express my freedom of movement

Realizing what feelings surface

To reflect on my body in the inside as well as on the outside

Taking my energy to a new positive level

Ready to plan and make adjustments

Apply my new intentions

Listening to other people talk

Instead of adding to the constant chatter

Reaching specific goals that reward my efforts

Helping me move ahead to new options

Taking away a deeper connection

What is all about to happen

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