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Girl To Glory


Filled with dreams that kiss the sky,

Getting inspiration from delicate breezes passing by.

Came across many heartbreaks,

Volcanoes, icebergs and tears.

Still she is chasing her dreams without any fear.

Don't judge her by saying fat,short,tall or white

She works for her golden opportunities all day and night.

Happiness to seek, pink blushes on the cheek,

Yes, you are highly mistaken if you think that she's weak.

Besides lipstick, mascara, nailpaint and eyelashes,

No one can burn, her dreams in to ashes.

Kicking herself out of her comfort zone and hoping

That one day she will surely win the deserving prize that she owns.

She's built up of courage, strength, adventures and guts,

Not worried about the stitches, falls,trips and cuts.

Yes, she is a crazy and eagerly runs behind her dreams

Until they are caught and unless her life

And her desired dreams are perfectly matched.

Yes she is a girl and she is proud to be a girl!!!

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