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Gifted Hawker #4

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


While still at the bus stop, someone she knows also comes around, and she sees that she

Had an accident in the open vision. Then something winds the vision backwards as if it is

A replay, and she discovers in the rewind version of the vision that something hinders the

Young lady from taken the vehicle she wants to board, though she was angry, and after

Sixty seconds she gets another vehicle and she had no accident, that was how the trance was

Removed. Her heart beat increases on seeing this, and something tells her to go and warn the

Lady not to board the next commercial vehicle that’s going to her area when the vehicle

Arrives she should wait for the next one after that, or even the third one if possible. The lady

Was not happy with what she told her, but she decides to yield to it and did not board the

Commercial vehicle. By the time the third vehicle arrives she board it and as they were

Some meters away from the final bus stop the damsel saw people gathered and some weeping

Then she notices that, that was the vehicle she would have boarded. When she asks of what

Happened she was told of accidental discharges from the police people on patrol and stray

Bullets have penetrated the commercial vehicle and had killed about three passengers on the

Spot. Then she remembered the lady. After the day’s work she went to her to thank her for

Saving her life. But she replied her that she should give all praises to the Almighty

Because we are tools in the hands of the Almighty. Since then the lady has been seeing open

Visions. While at the place where she was hawking her things that day, she saw many things

Likewise and some she keeps to herself, while she was able to tell some people what she

Has seen especially those who are close to her. She couldn’t tell outsiders because she fears

They may not understand her. Everything she says that day comes to pass to all, while those

She kept to herself equally comes to pass. She thought the intensity of what she is seeing

Would reduce but it did not, and as she continues to see things like this, she uses to tell

People when she sees things that are dangerous concerning them. Soon enough the market.

Lynda Randle - God On The Mountain (Live/Lyric Video)

Got to know that she has been gifted in the clairvoyance spirit and they cannot but

Consult her when they want to decide on some things that she should help them

Ask the God if it would be right decision for them to make or nay. Through this other

Market people started inviting outsiders to her stand to make inquiries into the future

And perhaps the past when things have confused them. People will later tell her that what

She had she needs to go and get a place where she will be having consultations with people

Because many people who claimed to have such gifts do not have half of what she has

But she says, her spirit has not informed her to do that, and that she has been given this to

Help the downtrodden in the society, those who the powerful people have been cheating

Denying their rights so that they will find remedy to whatever it is that is disturbing them.

Since she has decided not to toe the common path in the island, and she has been rejecting

What people brought to her, telling them to go and give those who are in need for her

Business is more than enough to cater for her needs, and if she will need any financial

Assistance from anyone she will not be ashamed to ask from them. The people considers this

Unusual and they decide to assist her in the business, soon her business grows and she

Becomes one of the major distributors of some of the things she was selling in the market

Square. She was given a reward for loyalty by some of the companies, and they get a big

Store for her where she will be keeping those things, telling her it is part of the agreement

Signed with her. As her business continues to grow, then she thanks her parents who have

Thought her in the path she follows, she would have been misled by people because of the

Gift to call herself what God has not called her. She later becomes the youngest millionaire in

The market square and the people says, she worth it, even worth more…


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