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Gifted Hawker #3

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


She woke up once during the night to urinate, after which she slept back. The in the

Morning it was the rays of sun that penetrates her cotton into her bed, because her bed was

Situated close to the window that makes her know that the day has broken and that the sun

Has arose from the east. Then she looks at the wall clock and discovers that it was around

7:00 hours. She was amazed. For she used to wake up around 5:00 hours and she would pray

After which she will put what she wants to eat on fire and then do some inside the house

Exercises by the time she finishes all these it will be getting to 6:45 hours and then she

Will set out for her place of work by going to the bus stop to board the commercial vehicle

That will take her there. Now that she wakes up at 7;00 hours, she just mumbled some words

Of prayers to commit the day into the hands of the Lord for before her parents death they

Have trained her that God first in anything, she must not allow anything to hinder her from

Saying something to God when she wakes up early in the morning every day, she remembers

Her mother saying that to her years ago before she died. After praying, she rushes to the

Bathroom to take her bathe and there she notices the small mark at the extreme ends of her

Two eyelids. What could this mean? She reasoned within herself, but she finds no suitable

Answer for the question and then as she was showering she was trying to remember the

Dreams she had during the night but as hard as she tried she couldn’t and that essentially is

Bizarre for she used to remember every dreams to the minutest details, and she used to jot her

Dreams down, but today, she couldn’t remember anything though she tried hard to

Remember but all to no avail. Then she let it go saying, if the God wants her to remember

He will bring it back to her mind. As foam of the soap touches the small bruises by the side

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Of her eyelids, she felt pain, she did little eye examination for herself to assure herself

That what happened has not tampered with her eyesight, but it seems as if everything was in

Order. After taking her bathe, she applied little shear butter to the place because that is the

Commonest thing used for bruises in the island. Since she has put her stew in the

Freezer, she did not bother herself with it, she knows she is preserved as she bursts out of

Her apartment to the bus stop to board commercial vehicle to the central market square

Where she uses to hawk her things. As she was standing with others waiting for the

Commercial vehicle’s arrival she started seeing strange things. This is weird she says to

Herself, for she is not gifted in seeing open visions before, the commonest thing is dream

And sometimes through the inner voice, but most often, dreams, and she has been

Guiding her dream life jealously, because whatever she dreams about comes to pass as she

Has seen the dream. Many of her dreams hardly needs interpretation, for they are usually

Direct. She has studied this and has been paying attention to it. However, today

Something uncommon is happening, almost everyone standing by her side she sees

Something about. Some she sees in the pool of blood, some she sees having accident

And dying in the process, some he sees that some huge people collecting something

From them forcefully while they keep crying, but the person never returns the thing to

Them. As she continues to see this, she will close her eyes and when she opens it again

Turning her head away to another side, she will yet see something concerning those

People, she almost turned back from going to the market that day, but she thinks about it

Even if she turns back now, that will not stop her seeing what she is seeing. Then she

Recalled that one of her father’s best gift is open vision. He told her before his demise

What open vision means and then she knows that she is seeing open vision.


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