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Gifted Hawker #2

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


The customer that came to purchase things from her that day became her customer per

Chance. This was because the person she used to buy things from has put to bed and the

Woman does not know, thus when she gets to the market that day and she did not see her

Customer she had been disappointed and while she was thinking of where else to get

What she wanted because time was not on her side as the commercial transporter that had

Conveyed her and others from her island to the market was about to take off it was then

That someone in the market told her about this woman that she sells the same thing as

The person she wants to buy things from and she implored the person to take her to her

Tent. When she gets to her tent the person told her about the woman who has put to bed that

She is her customer and that she should treat her well. She treated the woman very well

And in fact when the woman over-paid her, she had to call her attention to it and return the

Money to her. This impressed the woman greatly. Apart from this, there is the thinking in

The islands that one needs to study the person on is buying things from, to know if their

Hands matched each other. By this it means that when one buys something from a person and

One returns to his or her place and sells the thing within days one should know that the

Person she is buying things from is good and one needs to continue to patronize the

Person to be making quick sales. She notices that all the goods she bought from the woman

Within three days of returning to her island she has sold them all, then she knows that her

Business hand matched hers and decides to be patronizing her. True to it, whatever she

Buys from the woman she will sell within days unlike the goods she buys from other people

That may take her weeks and sometimes months before it could be sold. This was how they

Became business partners. Usually the woman will phone her to tell her that she should

Get her goods ready and arranged before she arrives, in fact in most of the cases since she has

Become her customer she uses to pay the money upfront and would only come for the

Miracle God - Toluwanimee

Goods later sometimes she won’t even come, as she would send her transporters to go and

Carry the goods from the woman. In the recent times because of this trust, she hardly travels

To the island to buy things again, everything she wants to buy she usually routes through this

Woman. Thus, the woman has not been expecting her she was hoping for some who used

To buy retails to patronize her that day until she surfaces. And she asks her why she has not

Called so that everything would have been arranged for her as she used to do, then she replied

That she has specific things that she needs to supply to a bank in the island. She has

Applied alongside others for the business for about three months and had lost hope that

The contract would be awarded to her, as she was surprised that the contract was awarded

To her, and so as not to disappoint those people who introduced her to the bank, so that

She supplies what is really their taste that was why she had took the pain to come to the

Island to buy the goods herself. For she knows that if she does well in the contract it would

Transform her business completely. The woman was elated to hear that. After getting

Those the woman had in stock, she gave the woman the assignment to go and get the rest

For her as she leaves for the center of the island to visit some of her siblings residing in the

Island that her parents have sent her to. By the time she returns, the woman had gotten

All ready, well arranged as the woman takes off that day. It was this sales only that she could

Make that day. By the time she gets home considering all the stresses she has passed

Through at market square, she was even too tired to cook any meal, as she just ate bread

With stew, she thanked her stars that the previous day she has prepared the stew and hot

Cocoa tea. And she slept off. It was a deep sleep.


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