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Gifted Hawker #1

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


She wakes up one day to find something strange in her eyelids, she usually remembers

The dreams she had, but that day’s dream she does not remember, she tried extremely hard to

Remember but she could not. Then she let go the thought of the dream if the Lord wants me

To remember the dream he will bring it back to me, it may be that the dream is not verily

Important to me then. However of the strange mark that she finds at the corners her eyelids

That still befuddles her. She muttered some words of prayers because she felt weakness all

Over her body and she couldn’t pray for long as she used to pray that day. Apart from that

She has slept for about 10 hours that night, perhaps due to the work of the previous day

Because it was verily hectic, they were being disturbed by the government agencies of the

Island that day as they insisted that they all must pay the new tax and they had not been

Told about the increment in the tax before, thus they were imploring the tax collectors

Of the island that they should have mercy on them and collect from them the little they have

Promising to balance the rest later. The tax collectors have pressed “control pause” that

Day as they would not listen to their pleas, they insisted that the whole money must be paid

Else they will not put up their umbrellas under which they will put up their tables and a very

High stool which they will seat on and started their day’s businesses there. As this

Argument between the tax people continued, some of them would move ahead to

Circumvent the tax collectors and they will rush to them to harass them. This lasted

For about 5 hours before one of their leaders arrived and told them that they should

Allow them to pay any amount they have and return the following day to collect the

Remaining tax money from them. The street hawkers were happy with this development

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As they all scrambled to queue before the tax collectors so that they will be able to pay

The money on them and go and put up their canopies and their wares for the day’s business

Some of them would still work to a very far place to take his or her goods from the stores

Where it is kept after the day’s work. There has been some people who have houses in

Close to the market square those people have said they cannot do business and have

Converted some of their shops to stores where people come and drop their loads after the

Day’s business. Those people are paid every month by those hawkers. However it is

Better because if the loads were to be taken home daily, some would get lost on the way

While some would be destroyed. So, those hawkers consider this safer, and of economic

Importance because while transporting those goods home too, the transporters would

Add to the prices, calling it the load fees. While people queue up to pay the money she was

Among those who is at the extreme end of the queue, and she patiently waited for her turn

By the time she was able to pay hers she has been tired and could not display many of

Her markets that day. She would perhaps have returned home empty that day if not for

Aged customer of hers who had come around from another island, to buy things from her

That day, assuming the woman did not come, maybe she would not have made a sales

That day and would have borrowed transport fare home. That happens sometimes when there

Would be no sales and she would have to borrow transport home trusting that the following

Day would be better, as the sage used to say anyone who knows the day that there would

Be remarkable, then the person would know the day she or he would die. Being a business

Person requires faith, faith that you will have sales that day, a person who cannot have such

View and belief cannot be a business person.


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