Updated on November 7, 2017

Iron Giant

There was a major crash in the ocean.
A fisherman witnessed it.
Then HOGARTH HUGHES investigates it.
& sees an IRON GIANT.
The giant is 100 feet high.
It's electrocuted and falls out the sky.
Hogarth attempt's to revive it.
Then informs his mom of the giant.
Hogarth tracks it down and befriends it.
Taking him metal to eat it.
After sitting with it for a while.
Hogarth tries to leave before the sun goes down.
While leaving, he hears the sound.
The sound of an upcoming train.
But the robot eats the tracks for the train.
Before the train comes, the robot fixes the track.
Before it, the robot is hit.
The robot is in pieces.
But repairs itself with a magnet.
Happens to be investigating.
Investigating the robot.
Comes to the home of Hogarth.
While the giant hides in his barn.
The giant is safe from harm.
Hogarth reads the giant comics.
The robot loves Superman.
But gets agitated by his villains.
The giant wants something to eat.
DEAN MCOPPIN gives him something to eat.
In his yard of scrap metal.
Dean acts like he is one of his sculptures.
The next day Kent comes back.
Aware of the recent events.
Interrogates Hogarth.
While Dean has the giant doing metal art.
Kent tries convincing General Rogard.
That a giant the robot's is at large.
The general laughs really hart.
While Hogarth goes back to the scrap yard.
Hogarth takes dean and the giant.
Back to the place where he found the giant.
While Kent looks for more evidence.
Then finds a picture with the giant in it.
Hogarth is really interrogated.
Forced to reveal the location.
Kent issues orders for the military.
While Hogarth is there listening.
The military comes in.
Attempting to apprehend.
Apprehend him in the junkyard.
Dean makes him look like a work of art.
Hogarth then plays with a toy gun.
The giant reacts like he is a gun.
Dean sees it and gets confused.
Then realized the giant was too.
The giant saves two small kids.
Winning over the people within.
Within the small town.
While the military comes around.
They shoot and the giant reacts.
Then Hogarth's harmed and it really reacts.
Hogarth then slows him down.
The giant sacrifices himself and saves the town.

Eli Marienthal
Hogarth Hughes
Vin Diesal
Iron Giant
Chris McDonald
Kent Mansley
Harry Connick Jr.
Dean McCoppin

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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