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Ghosts of Animals With Souls Extinguished

Misbah loves writing poetry. She says poetry is what makes her heart feels warm and light.


Where previously there were tall eucalyptus trees,

Ghosts of animals with souls abolished.

The bed's recollection is hauntingly disturbing.

A bygone wave divides into a smiling.

These amputations of the Earth's woods and cosmos

As if it were a phantom limb from a damaged torso,

Itches in scabs and sores to fill the void.

The moors of Cythera will now be decorated.

All of these foul creatures— carbonaceous bodies

Where strive, enslaved by the chains of mysteries,

The limbs of the bush of the living, trimmed

The humus lees should be amended and nourished.

What a huge wave of energy, flipped to darkness.

In an embryo, I will reseed this wilderness;

These bleak, cumulus-free expanses...

What kind of people will be reborn from these ashes?


This monster in the creation— crown itself with a cry,

Served by people of silence— soulless and no conscience

Beauty is forbidden under the reign of this king.

The Angelus is struck from a coal chime.

In the midnight, it echoes creepy

Whistles the anthem of its devotees — People tinged with envy,

Never happy.

Your avatar, this desert, ever-expanding

Gangrene has looted everything.

You go to solitude knowing, you're being spied on,

By your phantom limbs that returned too late.

Under your proud person, the ground hides.

Which carries its agitation to all winds;

Without knowing that its hearing with poor acuity

Ignores in the night the bell that rings

© 2022 Misbah Sheikh

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