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Ghost in a Hall (Poem)

Jason, is an educator that uses his spare time to write poems

Ghosts in a hall

There are spirits in the hall,

Keeping the school alive and whole,

Always roaming the corridor,

Helping children is their honor.

Silently working, finishing things up,

Even if the going gets tough,

They bear their pretending smile,

Even if they walk a thousand mile

How admirable this specter is,

Helping in our trouble with ease,

Helps us be the better man,

Let us believe in all that we can

Year after year children would walk away,

Yet there they are grieving while they stay.

New children will now walk the halls.

These geists will now heed their call

Today, I linger in my office hall,

Giving my work all my all,

Dedicating my work to all I call home

I work like a bristle on a comb

Now, I wonder how they are,

For I have walked so far,

But there they stay,

Till to this day.

Just ghosts in a hall.

© 2019 Jason Villar

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