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Testimony Akinkunmi is a Writer who likes to go beyond and in this poem. He goes beyond by saying you too can be a traitor. But don't be.

Exquisite Blooms the blossom of disloyalty

In the event that it's cultivated in it's blood

In this manner it in every case needs a casualty

Living of it's own to decay

The deceivers lilly isn't noxious

Despite the fact that it spreads unto a touch

Yet, as a blossom of selling out

It's polluting weapons fill in so much

It's seeds can rest and root until the end of time

Or then again be in organic product inside one year


Don't be a TRAITOR.

The double crossers lilly stows away with others

Changing both tone and allure

However a solitary attribute uncovers her

More than some other imprint

The deceivers lilly has no emotions

Also, can't do anything by heart

Quest for the flash of hipocrisy

Inside a face of plastic grin

Until the cover of backstabber lilly

Uncovers the lilly's weave of untruths

© 2021 Akinkunmi Testimony