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Getting Out of The Bardos the Easy Way

An old woman who's been philosophising her whole life. Now a retired Nuclear Pharmacist living off the coast of The Laguna Madre

Death Valley

Death Valley

Leaving The Bardos

The star gate was at the top of the tower
As I climbed the spiral staircase
I knew I'd surrender to the void
And fall forever
Nonexistent and free, this the divine sleep
The absurdity of the human mind
Never again forevermore, given to lessers
Hummingbird in the storm so light
Flying for me, the big fall
Flying for her, free fall and no dread
Crawling on the floor again
Towards the window my soul says,
"I prefer life, but I just don't care"
"If you want my demise, take the life
You lent me. This conversation is over."
No seduction into the three Bardos
My mandala made of sand
Blows now through these prayers
Just roll me up and break my back
And place me before the hungry bird."

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