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Getting Back in the Game of Life

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

Looked at a calendar earlier and was shocked that nearly six months

Came and went since I had my heart broken by someone unworthy

Of possessing it in the first place; what a mistake to give them that power

Will definitely be a lot more vigilant the next time around

Entered the last trip with an overly trusting nature and optimism

Thought that all adults were looking for respect and support

Turned out it was a lie to get what they wanted before a swift exit

Dodged a bullet in the end and grateful it didn't go farther than it did

Smoke from the whole ordeal finally beginning to clear

Time to assess the damage and get the report from the investigation

Realized that as the dust started to settle that luckier than most

What recent events around the world where life changed in a flash

Countless people around the globe forced to work from home

Stay behind closed doors for matters graver than a broken heart

Began to finally understand that relationships come and go

Your life, and that of your loved ones, was forever

Not the nearly faded memory of a gigolo who pretend to be more

Than a bargain basement partner that didn't want the hefty price tag

Or the responsibility based on no fault of your own

Just their loss and their baggage that prevented it from going further

Ok, the different ages and very different personalities game

Also played a major part in the eventual breakdown of the 27 month affair

Started to come to the realization too last before the quarantine started

That was ready to dip my toe back into the social pool

Not necessarily the dating pool itself; just meeting new people

Having some fun for a nice change of pace for a survivor

Got a few scars from the ordeal, but have managed to rebound a lot better

Sure, still turn to random thoughts of the past unintentionally

Don't mean to think about those occasional relapses backwards

Fully aware that the hustler formerly known as Mr. Wonderful is behind me

Using this working from home opportunity to figure out what was important

And hit the ground running for when it's safe to go outside again

Finally, aware that I liked being around people more than expected

Ready for the powers that be to find a cure and embrace the next chapter

That's what has been ordered.

Time to turn to the next chapter in this story.

Time to turn to the next chapter in this story.