Get Rich or Die Rhyming

Updated on November 10, 2017

Get Rich or Die Tryin

MARCUS and his loyal friends.
Rob a safehouse full of Columbians.
He was shot nine dimes.
His shooter is unidentified.
He then remembers his childhood.
He was a quiet boy from the hood.
His mom dealt drugs while he rapped.
She's murdered and he'a forced to raise himself.
His grandparents soon take him in.
Marcus finds life appealing.
Because his grandpa works long hours.
They have more kids to look after.
Marcus quits school and starts selling drugs.
Then a local kingpin show 's his love.
At a young age, he became a major.
He soon became a major drug dealer.
All at a very young age.
He grew older and the law knew his name.
Marcus brought a gun in his home.
He eventually moved out of the home.
He gets his own spot.
Then is happy to be apart.
Be apart of a huge drug scene.
While a group of friends he meets.
JUSTICE became one of his best.
They battled the Columbians.
Later, that Kingpin turns MAJESTIC.
Marcus bought himself a nice car.
The attempts to be a rap star.
He later reunites with CHARLENE.
Then shows Majestic the finer things.
Finer things that his life brings.
He later goes out with Charlene.
Then RAUL comes on the scene.
He tries to kill Marcus.
But ends up paralyzing.
Paralyzing one of his friends.
Marcus ends up chasing.
He paralyzes Raul like he did his friend.
Marcus is later arrested.
Raul refuses to identify him.
He spared his life so he spared him.
While in Jail he befriends BAMA.
Who becomes his manager.
Bama and Justice don't get along.
Bama tries telling Marcus he's wrong.
Marcus tells Majestic he wants out.
He's a full-time rapper that's about.
About his music. He has a child.
Majestic finds his child.
While Bama and Marcus try finding a deal.
Majestic pulls strings so they're not given a deal.
Marcus and Bama catch on.
But by that time, Marcus is gone.
After getting Shot, he remembers his life.
He then comes back to life.
He then Angers Majestic.
Majestic kills Justice.
Who was supposed to shoot him dead?
But he kills Majestic instead.

Curtis "50 CENT" Jackson
Joy Bryant
Terrance Howard
Tory Kittles
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

Jim Sheridan


© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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