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Out Of Date

On an early Sunday morning

A newspaper salesman on the street corner

Stacks of newspapers piled high

Now that time seemed to drift away

Even the local paper is no big deal

Maybe for the good

Over the years I heard many sayings

The news is only biased to their point of view

It's all bad news anyway

I'm paying for all advertisements

From car ads to real estate

I read it for the funnies

The newspaper is one big joke

Older people make sure they read the obituaries

To see who died

A few young kids just want the sports section

I knew a man who would only read the editorials

I would read it from front to back

Hoping I would learn something

Many times the titles were about accidents and deaths

Awful crimes bad people committed

Now years later I wonder if there was any good in reading the daily paper ?

At one time you to believed it was import things and events

All of this is happening right now

Today to keep us informed

Now with the internet

Nothing could be faster

News as it happens from all sources

Not just reporters but everyone and anyone

Are we better off not reading the paper at all ?

What do you think ?

This is your dime

Then it was a quarter

Now I think it is seventy five cents

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