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Wild hearts

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I have been a blog writer for a while now and writing poems are visible words of invisible feelings.


Forget light

refresh your anxiety

life is a fake orgasm

squeeze both arms

you can't bend the sky to kiss your knees

wake every canvas

put a ring around your chest

marry your breath and as you always know

cheat on your ego

Seek you

Give yourself time to seek

Seek wisdom not in man but from the unseen

Look at every temple

Search for you

Give space for your absence

Let every pain be a blissful call



Burn as you grow

Burn a little as you mature

Then burn more and learn

Evolve into the earth

Evaporate like the smoke in the sky

There, live freely from toxic things that held you back

Strengthen you

Strengthen your heart

Strengthen the air between your lungs

Strengthen the fear in you

Then, feed the courage

Feed your thyroids guts

Feed your stomachs strength

Feed your souls confidence


New me

With clarity comes ease

Thank you for life

Thank you for pain

Leave every drop right at the door

This is a new life

This is a new me.


© 2019 Gina

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