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Georgian Chant of the Ocean- A Poem

Over 30 years in human services working for and with people with developmental disabilities.

The moon rises in the pale blue sky

Tilted and pale, and wide eyed

Surprised to find me, bald twin,

Staring back, pale gray, bone thin

Standing defiantly to an invasion within.

The sandpipers hop, sidestep and jab repeatedly

Stilted and disjointed, and always frantic

Startled by me, they jump to flight

Only to circle back and return to land

Covering the pale sand with more hieroglyphic prints.

The sunlight dances like beacons

Musical and jeweled, and ever transient

Touched by a breeze, the ocean ripples

And the ballet of light changes

An allemande before the distance chorus line.

Weak of knee, I bend down to mother earth

Countless warms grains halts my slide

Six feet under, another day they whisper

Another day I agree and lay flat

Folded hands rests on hollowed stomach.

My temporal bones resonate rhythmically

Bearing Gregorian chant of the ocean

Inward, my blood crests and lulls in hidden passages

Silent tongue receives the grains of salt

In the wind, I hear strands of the requiem.

© 2018 Kathy Burton