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George Floyd Poems

The George Floyd tragedy once grip the nation and world. Wide spread protest erupted in more than thirty U.S states. Many Americans wanting justice for a man killed in broad day light.

His life and death change the way we feel about police brutality and how it affects society and certain racial groups.

Here are some poems about George Floyd. Feel free to leave your feedback in the comment section below.


Maybe your life was taken

To awaken a nation

To look itself in the mirror

and discover it flaws

To see beyond its on reflection

Pain and hatred

Maybe your last breath

was a fresh meaning to a new movement

I can't breathe has united a spark

few could have imagine

Black and white unity

Justice for you

Your daughter

Proud to call you daddy

George Floyd

George floyd

Lie on a pavement

face down

His life snuffed out him

By a kneeling knee

One that wouldn't let him breathe

Four hundred years of the same


Aflicted again and again

To get off our chest


Death and mourning

A new day arriving with promise

That black lives matter

You George is the voice

of this change

I Can't Breathe

A lasting statement

heard across the world

Watch by millions in disbelief

Police brutality at it worst

8 minutes of agonizing trauma

I can't breathe

A scream for help

A call to momma

Forever staining a nation


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