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Gems of the Soul. Friday's Inspiration 13, to Bhavna Sj

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

Introduction to the beauty of nature and source of poem

This regular 8-syllable Sonnet is my own creation, inspired by the work 'Leisure' by William Henry Davies, read from the site of the famous Jacquie Lawson card and animation company in England.

I had an intuitive feel for his Sonnet and automatically composed an eight syllable one, only to find out afterwards, that his was eight syllables also. William's poem experiences leisure through nature; mines encompasses both leisure and nature as a way to experience the deeper magnificence of the soul.

William wrote six couplets or a total of 12 lines. I have written three quatrains of four lines each with the scheme of a regular Sonnet, including the couplet at the end. Rather than the 10, sometimes11-syllable line format of a regular Sonnet, I have chosen an 8-syllable format, not for the first time, for my poem.

I have already sent this poem to some writers here. Hope that those who have not seen it like it. I used a Jacquie Lawson picture for inspiration, expressing its depth, in my own inimitable style. The photo is not included to avoid copyright problems. Om Shanti!

Enraptured Leisure by Manatita

Enraptured Leisure. An 8-Syllable Sonnet.

What is this flask of tea to me,

Where on this bench I sit and stare?

Charmed brooks; grey stones are now my glee;

Magical beauty; nature’s care.

O for the Love; the Peace within,

Tall trees and vibrant flowers strewn,

The joy of colours; verdant green,

Lushness and Light-filled afternoon.

The flora rise beneath my feet,

Aesthetic walks I vision here.

Cow’s graze upon a pasture’s treat;

Butterflies dancing … everywhere!

Here my Beloved’s rapture’s mime,

Rest in a landscape sweet; sublime.

_ Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 16th July, 2020


Gems of The Soul

The Light of the Heart is blurry;

I rush madly, like bulls in a large grazing field,

Not knowing that Love directs the rope that holds me.

I interact socially, hang out in pubs and take life

For granted. Forced suddenly into isolation, I encounter

Loneliness, while coping equals struggle and despair.

I have forgotten the joys of simplicity and beauty;

Insecurity and depression have become my new friends.

Alone with the Alone, I’m stabbed by fear and fall upon the darkness.

Sweet Spirit, augment the agony of yearning in my soul,

So my fire glow, like fruits, ripening in summer. I am a young

Phoenix, striving to fly from a realm quaking with storms.


O grief, O sorrow! The Beloved is beckoning me --

Trying to light a flame, in the Citadel of my Heart.

I wish for the lustre of moonlight; the twinkling stars;

To rise each new morn, to another virgin dawn.

You are my mirror, sweet Melody; I wish to adorn You

With beautiful flowers. In the abysmal abyss of my

Shadows You came; bringing the healing smile of the

Indigo heavens, to awaken the sunrise of my soul.

It is daybreak, I hear the singing of larks;

Give praise in the stillness of the Spirit.

Beauty whispers in my ear, as do

The melody of sparrows and canaries.

The red-faced goldfinch delightfully calls: come! Come!

My breath blends in equipoise with Gaia Mata, and I feel blessed.

My Hope-bird, my Light! Why did I hold on to despair?

Like a nightingale with new melodies, my anxiety and

Tensions are now Yours. The regret-cage has been

Shattered like glass, and my soul weeps in rhapsody.

- Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 16th July, 2020


Wisdom-songs of Sri Chinmoy

"Against the power of the inner joy,

The loudest drum is nothing but a tiny toy." - Sri Chinmoy

"Peace is not the absence of war,

Peace is the presence of Love, harmony and oneness." - Sri Chinmoy

"I give with a sleepless smile, I give

I live with a breathless cry, I live

I sow the seeds of peace, I sow

I row my golden boat, I row." - Sri Chinmoy

Wisdom from Sri Chinmoy

"Science goes
Forward and backward.
Nature goes
Inward and upward." - Sri Chinmoy

"The human mind
Takes help from Science
To succeed.
The divine heart
Takes help from Nature
To proceed." - Sri Chinmoy

Sonnets and rhyming poems

© 2020 manatita44

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