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Gaze Within


Oh my dear
What you are looking for
Why you are wandering
Here and there
What you are seeking

Just close your eyes
And gaze within
You will get everything
you want
You will find answers

of all your questions
All your doubts will be
And you will realise
that you have treasures

hidden within yourself
You need to dive deep within
And you will find the master key
of happiness
You don't need to seek healing

You have something magical
That can cure all your wounds
You will find eternal source of love
All the darkness from your mind and
life will be removed

You will get absorbed in the flood
of divine lights
After that you will be well satisfied
You will feel contented
You will not seek healing

But you will become a healer
Wherever you will go
You will spread love and happiness
Your light will remove the darkness.


© 2020 thoughtsprocess

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