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Gaslighting - a Thought Provoking Poem

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I have been writing poetry since my teens. Over the years I have been published in a variety of anthologies, hubpages and letterpile.


Those who have power can misuse it,

Or tug at your emotional strings.

One voice that speaks up and stands firm

Can easily be crushed.

You see you have an issue,

Your are over-reacting or getting emotional

Or so they would want you to think.

It is easier to to grind you down,

Than admit their wrong doing.

Integrity matters.

Although some would rather blame you.

In the hope you walk away and break.

For some it is the opposite,

They want you kept in your place.

Coercive control.

Only seeing who they want you to see

Putting you down at every chance.

Blame shifting and manipulation.

Take a deep breath and inhale,

Feel the strength rise from your core.

Deep unseen scars are proof you have survived before

You will survive once more.

Patricia Ann Ward 13/7/22

© 2022 Tricia

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