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Gandhi, the Prophet of Peace

Harish Mamgain is passionate about writing. He loves poetry.


Gandhi, the Prophet of Peace

You had thought it right
People take care of one another
And think of good of all
The cruel world looked away
You showed compassion to all
Dreamed of empathetic minds
Non violence for all beings
People sought their own way
In the din lost your voice
You sacrificed everything
For the sake of the world
The folks never heeded you
Fell toward a deep abyss
You had everything to fan fires
Yet chose to ignite the minds
Stones into buds you turned
The world overlooked the saint
You never forsook truth a bit
O fakir, you stirred the souls
The bullets pierced your heart
Fate of all guys immersed in love
The world abuzz with hate around
Birds of peace never give up
Cross or bullets come their way
The travellers keep on moving
The world never hesitates to kill
But the kindness never dies
Till eternity it survives

© 2019 Harish Mamgain

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