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Gain Is in the Pain

Where there is pain indeed there is gain Life is created for toil and struggle.


Awaiting your return

One cannot speak of an orchard
without including the trees because
such a place is not an orchard
but only an enclosed space.

No part exists without the whole
The ocean needs the fish, the waves
The moon needs the Sun
The universe needs the Living One

Now it is written,
"...and we have honored the son of Adam"
as well as,
"these are messages indeed for people who use their intelligence"

Stop feeling so small,
stop looking at the particulars.
You are the part without which
there is no whole.
No thing is itself without all its parts

We all need you to return

So, look deep within yourself for me
and tie your rope to a friend,
who will lead you to the Door
of the Supreme One
awaiting with Divine Presents
since the day you were born!!

© 2019 Mo Durrani

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