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Gaia and Me

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I’ve enjoyed writing for many years. I'm dedicating more time to the craft in my retirement days.

Gaia and Me

She reached her hand below the hill

Silly me, I believed it was an artifice

Instead she displayed her uncanny skill

And the sun appeared before both of us


Not to be out done, outwitted as it were

I reached ‘hind her ear, grabbed moon’s light

Made the lit slice hang there in front of her

Though clearly it was no longer night


This thing we’re doing

The feud we’re pursuing

Was not meant for your viewing

Or joy

It’s just collateral

Our venture’s pull

‘Cause it leaves the skies full

Of our toys

My friend Molly is a professional astrophotographer.  She took this picture for me on the evening of 15 Aug 2020.  Used by permission.

My friend Molly is a professional astrophotographer. She took this picture for me on the evening of 15 Aug 2020. Used by permission.

She spied me one day make Ursa Minor

And of course she countered with Major

Then said ain’t my work so much finer?

And should we perhaps make a wager?

What shall we bet? And ain’t’s not a word

She just rolled both her eyes and made thunder

In clear perfect skies so if anyone heard

They’d be certainly filled with wild wonder

This thing you’re doing

This fight you’re pursuing

You’re better off eschewing

I said

Oh you must be a-scared

The real you is now bared

Your true weakness is aired

She said

I belly-laughed and my chortle made lightning

I’ve no fear oh my dear lovely lady

I returned in a voice feigning frightening

Mere words to my mind aren’t that weighty

Her laugh in return caused a sun flare

Thank goodness ‘twas before ‘57

No satellites then going ‘round up there

Just us two and the near-empty heavens

Oh this thing that you’re doing

The match you’re pursuing

Will see you boo hoo-ing

Not me

She winked at me then

Flared and clapped once again

Made some clouds and said friend

We’ll see


The stakes they will be for forever

She exclaimed with a gawd-awful smile

In a sport that’s a taxing endeavor

One we’ve not played in quite a long while:

Who can sit and be quiet for longest?

Not move one hair or their chinny chin chin

No motion, no faces, who’s strongest?

That one’ll be the one who’ll win

My, this thing we are doing

Is it worth us pursuing

To achieve the ensuing


Yes, she said, that’s my call

The loser shall fall

We’ll end this free-for-all

Of tumult

So we sat down cross-legged and facing

Each other and much angst was felt

Then bolides ‘cross the sky started racing

As we passed through the Perseids shower belt

Oh the meteors she shouted, surprised

Then clapped her hand o’er her mouth

I moved neither muscle nor eyes

Aware for her things just turned south

Oh this thing we’ve been doing

The ends we’re pursuing

You’ll forever be rueing

It’s true

The stakes they are these

You’ll remain where I please

No more wide galaxies

For you

So she lives right here to this day

Made the trees and the weather and glaciers

I think if you asked her she’d say

She’s quite fond of just being Mother Nature

As for me I’ve moved on with dear friends

After sweet victory away I did scuttle

Toward the wide-open universe’s ends

With the remains of the comet Swift-Tuttle

Oh the fun things I’m doing

They’re so worth pursuing

I just love how we’re strewing


I’ll get back here friend Mother

After all I’m your brother

And we love one another

We must...

See you next year!

© 2020 greg cain