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Grace (God's Grace and Mercy)

Summer reiterates, "if it had not been for the Lord on her side, where would she be?" She overcame, soar and conquered because of him. Amen.


I remember moving through the ghetto,

#48w Bruce Avenue,

in a family duplex that's been severely burnt,

stripped away from our pride and truth.

Humbling ourselves to ask for water,

that cleansed our skin from our newly added stigmas,

which shined brighter than the light,

we wished brightened our room at night.

I recall subjecting to men,

to fill a void I thought only they can,

an emptiness so hallow,

that left my soul suppressed and bound.

Selfishly trying to find my way,

without allowing God in his rightful place,

left me to sleep in many abandoned places,

as I continued being led astray.

At this point,

my life is just a mirage,

that shows up whenever I'm falling apart,

only to vanish when I get close enough to press restart.

I'm left to battle,

the powers of the enemy,

slowly drifting into a world of insanity,

unable to distinguish a lie from reality.

Undergoing many dark nights,

alone, scared, broken and scarred,

rejected, neglected, and restless at that,

a heavy burden resting upon my heart.

I fought the battles of addiction,

to the best of my ability,

until they became the only substances,

that seemed to sustain me.

I drowned out my pain and sorrows,

with no care for tomorrow,

living my life in the fast lane,

racing without a seatbelt, just liquor, and cigarettes.

Although I've never used crystal meth,

black and mild, betties and weed,

also became apart of my test,

another way I figured I'd cope with the stress.

Rebellion too became an expression,

the worst kid on the block,

filled with anger and depression,

coinciding with suicidal thoughts eventually leading to actions.

The diaward was for my consequences,

not that I was insane,

but acting reckless,

screaming out for attention, even if it takes me bleeding for them to see it.

Dropping out of school,

just to run the streets,

unaware that I was sinking,

into a pit of defeat.

Moving out from under my earthly God,

to shack up with man,

speedily manoeuvering away from God's plan,

leaving room for the enemy to snatch the remainder of my hopes in ever making it to the promised land.

But, grace came in like a flood,

and snatched me up.

Grace renewed my anointing,

and refilled my cup.

Grace took me by the hand,

and realigned my path.

Grace wasn't afraid,

of all of the stigmas, I've had.

Grace dug beneath my surface,

and got to know the real me.

Grace partitioned me to become,

the successful woman who God has called me to be.

Grace washed me clean!

Grace purified me!

Grace didn't judge me!

Grace set me free!

Grace, Grace, Grace, Grace, Grace, did this for me.

Thank you, Lord,

for your grace,

and mercy.

© 2021 Summer A Pennerman

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