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Gems of Life

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I am afraid of time as I can never catch it,

I am afraid of the nature cause I don't know when its gets sabotaged,

I am afraid of my smile cause I don't know when it fades,

I am afraid of my dear ones because I don't know when they will disappear,

I am afraid to take on a path because I don't know when I'll be lost,

I am afraid of the present cause I don't know what will happen in the future,

I am afraid to sleep because I don't know whether there will be a tomorrow.

But all of them taught me the values of life.

Time tells us how important and valuable things are in life and when chances are given you should not let it go else they will fly off from your hand.

Nature tells us however busy you are in your life you should spend some time with it as it always refreshes us and adds beauty to our lives.

Smile is an alluring action that brings in positive vibes and changes us to be optimistic in life even in our hardest times.

Family is a bond which is so strong that supports us like a pillar, stands for us in every moment of our life and shares our sorrows and joys.

Path tells us how to take up our own decisions in life and how to lead our life in a successful way by overcoming all the obstacles.

Present situation tells us how to relish every moment in our life and and accept things the way they are.

Sleep tells us how to strengthen our heart and hope for the best tomorrow.